Conference Room Reservations

Conference Rooms:

The COE has several conference rooms which we allow use of on a case-by-case basis. The rooms are located on the main floor of the Stieff Annex Building. We do not have access to or manage any other Stieff space (i.e. Annex basement, Main Stieff Building).


Use Criteria:

  • No other COE-related activity is occurring in the requested conference room(s) for the requested time/day;
  • Event participants are either JHU faculty or JHU senior leadership (e.g. Directors, Deans, VPs);
  • Event participants remove all items at the end of use and return the spaces to their original state;
  • The event is NOT student-run/focused. We will not allow use of the space for any student-related activities.


Available Rooms: 

  • Stieff Silver North Conference Room 302 – Capacity 40, Chairs, rectangular tables, A/V system
  • Stieff Silver South Conference Room 301 – Capacity 40, Chairs, rectangular tables, A/V system
  • Stieff Silver North AND South Conference Rooms – The above-conference rooms are adjacent to each other and the dividing wall between them can be opened to provide one large conference room.


To Request Use of Space: 

Please send an email to [email protected] indicating the following:

  • Name of the Event
  • Purpose of the event
  • Name of Requesting Center of Department
  • Date/time requested
  • Type and number of attendees (e.g. 20 members of the executive committee)
  • Room(s) Needed
  • Is Use of the A/V system needed?
  • Affirm this is not a student-related event
  • Name and Contact of Event Coordinator
  • Name and Phone number of person who will arrive first to coordinate the event


Facility Details:

  • There is no fee to use the space.
  • You are free to make changes to the configuration of the room but we do ask that you return it back to its original configuration at the conclusion of your event.
  • You are encouraged to visit the facility at least 2 days PRIOR to the event to ensure you are familiar with the layout and how to use the a/v system (if needed).
  • There is a kitchen area with a sink. You will not have access to our refrigerators and we do not have an oven or stove.
  • We do not provide paper goods, utensils or any other pantry/food items for general use.
  • If spaces are not returned to their original state, or if damage is incurred, the visiting group will assume responsibility for remediation.
  • Access to other areas of the HLTCOE is restricted.



  • While we do have a guard at the entrance – he is specifically tasked with managing HLTCOE security matters and is not the guard for the building.
  • The guard is not a door attendant and if your guests and vendors need to come in/out, we strongly suggest you arrange for a staff person to greet them at the front door.


Support Services:

  • We do not provide any support services or staff such as catering, moving/providing furniture or a/v technical support, etc.



  1. The conference rooms are connected to JHU’s wifi network (accessible via JHED ID);
  2. We are not responsible for technical issues or acts of god such as power outages etc. and leaky roof tiles; so have a backup plan ready;
  3. Feel free to use our a/v system but please note it is older, has resolution issues, and does not interface well with some newer devices.
    1. Our projectors are very old, the native resolutions are listed below. If the computer connected to the projector is set to anything else it will look blurry. 800 x 600 (Best) and 1280 x 1024 (Ok, but not great)
    2. The inputs for our projectors are VGA. If your laptop does not have VGA, you will have to convert to it.
    3. The projector does not support HDMI in any way. If the second display of the laptop they bring is HDMI it won’t work, even with converters.
    4. The projector in the South conference room is used less, so it is brighter. Depending on the amount of people I would recommend they make it the primary and not the North conference room.
    5. Some of the newer Macs you have to select the option key when choosing the scale resolution to be able to select 800 x 600 and 1280 x 1024 resolution.
    6. Slides need to be in small format to be viewed appropriately with the projectors.
  4. The Conference room is equipped with a polycom; the number is 410-516-5164.

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