NVIDIA DGX-1 Comes to the HLTCOE

February 24, 2017

by Kevin Duh, Senior Research Scientist



The HLTCOE has acquired a NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning System to support its numerous deep learning research efforts.

With eight Tesla P100 GPUs, this brand new system delivers 170 teraflops of computing power (equivalent to 250 x86 servers) and has been described as an “AI Supercomputer in a Box.”


Deep learning has impacted many fields of AI, and the center has actively explored deep learning models for various human language technologies, including but not limited to:

Senior Research Scientist, Ben Van Durme poses with the DGX-1.


The addition of DGX-1 to the HLTCOE’s existing computing infrastructure is expected to speed up experiment and model development time, and further support research into deep learning models in all areas of HLT.






Human Language Technology Center of Excellence