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Glen Coppersmith

Senior Research Scientist; Assistant Research Scientist, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Streaming algorithms, graph based methods.

I am an assistant research professor of computer science and a research scientist at the Human Language Technology Center of Excellence (HLTCOE). I am also affiliated with the Machine Learning Group, the Center for Language and Speech Processing, and the Center for Population Health Information Technology. I have a range of research interests in machine learning, natural language processing, speech, intelligent user interfaces and health informatics. I use a variety of methods, including bayesian models, topic models, online learning, transfer learning, semi-supervised learning, and structured prediction.

Senior Research Scientist; Assistant Research Professor, Computer Science. Low-resource text analytics; machine translation; semantics; information extraction; deep learning and representation learning for text.

Associate Professor, Computer Science. Computational linguistics (syntax and phonology), natural language processing, statistical machine learning, programming language design

Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, UMBC. Social media, the semantic web, intelligent agents, and pervasive computing.

Senior Research Scientist. Automatic speaker and language recognition, machine learning, and information forensics.

Hynek Hermansky

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Robust automatic recognition of speech, speaker identification, auditory models, speech enhancement, noise suppression, speech production and perception.

Sanjeev Khudanpur

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Applications of information theoretic methods to human language technologies such as automatic speech recognition, machine translation and natural language processing.

Philipp Koehn


Associate Professor, Computer Science, Loyola University Maryland. Knowledge base population, entity linking, information retrieval, and applying information theoretic methods to the software engineering domain.

Nam Lee

Assistant Research Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Probability theory, stochastic processes and their applications.

Senior Research Scientist; Assistant Research Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Statistical pattern recognition, network inference, dimensionality reduction, high-dimensional data analysis, probability and stochastic processes.

James Mayfield

Principal Research Scientist, Lead – Knowledge Base Population; Associate Research Professor, Computer Science.  Information retrieval, cross-language retrieval, Information extraction, natural language processing

Principal Research Scientist. Speaker and language recognition algorithms, estimation and application of probabilistic outputs, and domain adaptation.

Senior Research Scientist.  Multilingual text retrieval and information extraction

Youngser Park


Associate Research Scientist, Center for Imaging Science, Pattern recognition including clustering and classification problems for high-dimensional and graph data.

Senior Research Scientist; machine translation, language modeling, parsing, and grammar induction.

Daniel Povey


Senior Research Scientist, Center for Language and Speech Processing; speech recognition, discriminative training, compact representations, the Kaldi speech recognition toolkit.

Carey Priebe

Principal Research Scientist, Lead – Stream Characterization for Content; Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Computational statistics, kernel and mixture estimates, statistical pattern recognition, statistical image analysis, dimensionality reduction, model selection, statistical inference for high-dimensional and graph data.

Greg Sell

Senior Research Scientist. Audio signal processing, acoustic modulation analysis, non-linear manifold learning, large audio database organization, source separation, and audio classification.

Senior Research Scientist; Assistant Research Professor, Computer Science. Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing (computational semantics), and streaming algorithms.

David Yarowsky

Lead – Semantics; Professor, Computer Science. Natural language and speech processing, information retrieval, machine translation, and machine learning.

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