Building OCR/NER Test Collections

March 16, 2020

Named entity recognition (NER) identifies spans of text that contain names.  Many researchers have reported the results of NER on text created through optical character recognition (OCR) over the past two decades.  Unfortunately, the test collections that support this research are annotated with named entities after OCR has been run.  This means that the collection […]

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HLTCOE a Top Performer at VoxSRC

January 29, 2020

JHU HLTCOE was a top performer in a recent open speaker recognition challenge called VoxSRC, finishing in the top two of more than fifty entries from the international research community. The challenge, hosted by the University of Oxford, was based on the open-source VoxCeleb speech corpus captured from public celebrity videos with automatic speaker labeling […]

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Processing videos by combining visual and audio cues

December 12, 2019

Videos include information in both the visual and audio domains, and so video processing techniques should utilize both of these means for more effective solutions.  The HLTCOE has been researching this strategy since 2017, when recognizing individuals in videos using both voice and face was a topic at the SCALE summer workshop.  The work resulting […]

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